Dig Plant Water Repeat

I just discovered a YouTube web site that you might enjoy. It’s called Dig Plant Water Repeat. It just so happens that the wife of my wife’s current physical therapist makes videos about plants. She is also a PT and loves making videos. People who do videos get paid when you watch the short ads in the programs. She makes 5 new videos each week, so there are hundreds of programs from which to choose. Here are a few of the topics that she has covered: house plants, weed control, propagation, pollinator friendly gardens, drip irrigation, gardening on a budget, cut flower gardens, and garden tools. She lives nearby in Davis, so her planting is appropriate for the Sacramento Valley. Why don’t you give her well designed programs a try? It’s a good way to spend your time when it’s 100 degrees outside. Stan, The Blog Man P.S. I’m considering starting up my own video series called “Work in the Garden  Rest  Repeat” What do you think?

Shovel Pruning

If you are reading this article, you are probably of an age when you realize that life is short. To that end (so to speak) we gardeners must do all we can to surround our remaining lives with glorious plants. So when you decide that a plant in your garden no longer falls into the “glorious” category, grab your trusty spade and give that plant a good shovel pruning.  Then, replace it with a new plant that will lift your spirits to a new level. However, limit your shovel pruning to your own yard. Your neighbors may not appreciate your efforts to improve their lives.

Stan, The Shovel Pruning Man

It’s Good To Be Odd

Last year I constructed a lattice-like structure for the garden.  It consisted of 2 by 4 foot metal  black grids supported by 4×4 posts.  I chose to use 3 grids because I knew that a odd number of items is generally preferred.  The structure stood for months and every time I looked at it, it didn’t look right.  I finally figured it out.  The grids were nearly invisible, but the 4 posts were quite noticeable.  It bothered me so much that I extended the lattice with a fifth post and additional grid.  Now I’m happy . . and felt I should expound a little on this concept of displaying an odd number of features.  I asked LaVille why an odd number of items is preferred over an even number.  She said that I was now dealing with art.  I didn’t fully understand her continued explanation.  Google to the rescue: “An odd number of details is more effective at capturing your gaze.  Odd numbers force your eyes to move around the grouping.  That force movement is the heart of visual interest.  It’s for that reason that a set of three is more appealing and memorable than something paired off in two’s.”  So, if you never considered the importance of displaying plants in odd numbers—particularly 3’s, give it a try.  The same principle applies to home decoration, but I’m hardly one to give advice in that realm . . but I have been watching a lot of HGTV lately.