Primed Pots

          Growing plants in those ubiquitous black gallon pots can pose a problem.  Some plants prefer full sun exposure.  However, intense sun rays are absorbed by the black plastic surface and converted into heat.  When the planting soil within get hot, root damage results.  One solution to this dilemma is to line the insides with bubble wrap.  A much easier solution is to shield the outside.  I have found the perfect heat barrier.  Amazon sends a lot of its items in white bubble wrap pouches.  The most common size they use fits around a gallon pot perfectly.  If you cut the bottom off and cut the height in half to about 6 ½ inches, you will create tubes that will easily enclose two pots, keeping them cool, and yet allowing the full exposure of the sun to your happy plants.  This technique creates a reusable shield that will postpone recycling and most certainly prevent deposit in the local landfill.  If you are receiving Amazon Prime delivery pouches and have no use for them, we could certainly use them.  LaVille, for instance, transferred 30 abutilons into gallon pots today.  However, LaVille says I can’t order more stuff from Amazon just to get more bags.

Stan, The Reusing Man

P.S. I measured the temperature of the soil 1 inch from the edge of a shielded and an unshielded pot today at 3 PM.  Shielded – 74 degrees  Unshielded – 94 degrees.  These are the results at the end of January.  Imagine the results in August!

P.P.S. If the sight of all the advertising bothers you, turn the tubes inside out, but I’m not sure the shields will be as effective. I’ll test that out tomorrow and send you another email if there is significant difference.

Bubble-wrapped pots
Bubble-wrapped pots