Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor pillows
Outdoor pillows

The timing is right for me to pass on a cleaning shore I just discovered. The cushions you see below were on a bench in the back yard. When I pulled the bench under cover before the recent storm, I found the cushions to be covered with a sticky substance. The bench is located under our huge hackberry tree, and although I applied a systemic, the wooly aphids attacked again. Power washing did a decent job of cleaning the cushions but left them soaked. Hanging them on a clothesline left them soppy at the bottom.  Then I thought of the clothes washer thinking that the spin cycle would remove most of the water. Since the cushions were small, I was able to fit several at a time into the washer. I used very little detergent and the cushions came out sparkling and practically dry. A fan finished the chore.

So, if you have outdoor cushions, now may be a good time to wash them before storing them away for the winter particularly if they got wet in the recent storm.  If your cushions are large, I would still suggest you try squishing them into your washer. But better consider the cushion content first. I wouldn’t use this technique of washing unless the stuffing is a foam rubber pad. A front loader machine might also work better than a top loader since there is no agitator to mangle the cushions.

Stan, The Washer Man

Shovel Pruning

If you are reading this article, you are probably of an age when you realize that life is short. To that end (so to speak) we gardeners must do all we can to surround our remaining lives with glorious plants. So when you decide that a plant in your garden no longer falls into the “glorious” category, grab your trusty spade and give that plant a good shovel pruning.  Then, replace it with a new plant that will lift your spirits to a new level. However, limit your shovel pruning to your own yard. Your neighbors may not appreciate your efforts to improve their lives.

Stan, The Shovel Pruning Man