My Wife Is Thrilled

My Wife Is Thrilled

Today (June 16) my wife is thrilled.  Caterpillars are eating her passion vines.  Not only that—the adults are doing a little dance to spread their pheromones.  Soon there will be Gulf Fritillaries all over the back yard.  If you are interested in attracting butterflies to your yard, your best chance is to grow either Passiflora caerulea or Passiflora edulis in your garden.  Many other passion vines are not attractive to this butterfly, especially those with red flowers.

LaVille will not have vines available at the upcoming Fall sale, but if you are eager, you can come over to the house and she can give you cuttings to give you a head start on next Spring’s growth.  I suggest you come early while there is still plant material left over from voracious larval munching (just kidding).

Stan, The Happy Husband

Catepillar on Passion Vine

Caterpillar on Passion Vine

Gulf Fritillaries orange butterfly

Gulf Fritillaries