Circle Hoe

Circle Hoe

Alas, I have run out of the garden tools I wish to write about—except for this one.  It is one of my favorites and I would have told you about it sooner had it been available.  The company in Grants Pass, Oregon, for various reasons has not had the long-handled version of this tool in production for several years.  A recent call to them revealed a possible resumption of production.

The circle hoe is, as the name implies, a hoe with a circular blade at the end.  When the hoe is held in the standard position, the circle attains a vertical position.  When you pull the hoe towards you, the sharpened edge of the lower surface slices through the soil to cut off the roots of weeds below the coil level.

So why is this tool special?  The circular cutting blade is 1/8-inch-thick so if you have the strength, this tool will transfer that strength to cut through well-developed tap roots.  The cutting surface is small, so there is little soil resistance as you pull through even clay soils. The sides and back of the blade are dull so you can maneuver closely around plants without damaging them.  The circle hoe is better than a hula hoe in that it is not only stronger, but less soil is disturbed.  If you are weeding in bark cover or a mat of pine needles, less material is messed. 

Happy weeding,

Stan, The Tool Man