Slippery Tools

Before PlastiDip Clippers
Before Plasti Dip Clippers

Clipper handles after PlastiDip
Clipper handles after Plasti Dip

LaVille kept complaining about her favorite pruner.  Her hand kept slipping down the handles toward the blades where she has less mechanical advantage.  My first solution was to slide a couple pieces of rubber hose over the handles to act as slippage stoppers.  Well, that worked fairly well except she started developing a callus where her hand met the black hose piece.  My latest attempt to alleviate her agony was to buy a can of Plasti Dip.  This is available on Amazon in a good variety of colors.  I chose yellow as it is my go-to color for finding misplaced tools.  You dip the tool handle into the tall, slender can and hang the tool to allow it to drip off excess and dry for 4 hours.  What you see in the second photo is the result of 3 dippings.

You know, if you accomplish nothing else, you could use this technique to identify your own tools.  Don’t you think it would be classy for all your tools to have the same color handles?

Quiz of the month.  You will note that I ended up with a tool with red, black, and yellow handles.  Name 3 major countries that have these 3 colors in their national flags.  The first reader to respond by email with the correct answers gets . . . . nothing but my admiration.  I know—Wow!

Stan, The Helpful Husband

P.S.  You may have noticed in the first photo that the grips had worn through to the metal.  You may consider this technique as a nifty means of tool upkeep.  If nothing else, I would suggest you try Plasti Dip as simply a very different and easy project.