Saul Wiseman Grant Recipients

Every year we consider it a privilege to give back to our community by participating in a variety of gardening projects throughout Sacramento County.  Our Saul Wiseman Grants bring us in contact with a host of remarkable people actively engaged in gardening and horticultural activities.  They might be providing greater access to healthy soil and open spaces, or increasing the supply of food for the hungry in our community, or creating places of beauty in our neighborhoods.  Many are talented educators dedicated to making all manner of gardening experiences available in our schools and public places.  They are teaching the wonders and rewards of gardening through experiential “hands on” curriculum and job-skill training.  

Feel free to scroll through the grant recipient photos of the past few years and see what kinds of projects we have supported. Because of COVID no grants were awarded in 2021. Whatever your community gardening endeavor might be, consider applying for a Saul Wiseman Grant for the coming year. 

2023 Saul Wiseman Grant Recipients

  • Bowling Green Elementary
  • Cameron Ranch Elementary School
  • Fern Bacon Elementary School
  • Grassland Garden at Ninos Parkway
  • Project AWE Youth Farm  
  • Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association Community Garden
  • Will C Wood Middle School Garden Club 

2022 grant recipient photos

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