Tours and Events

Mosaic Workshop May 2021
Stan and LaVille Logan hosted a mosaic workshop teaching members how to turn repurposed bowling balls, clay tiles, flat marbles, seashells, and other found objects into garden art.   

Members concentrate on mosaic projects

Members create garden art using a variety of repurposed materials.

For 2020…A Virtual Garden Tour 

A veritable bouquet of garden tours was on our calendar this year thanks to Sharon Patrician until COVID-19 forced cancellations.  Likewise, new member Patricia Carpenter had to cancel five scheduled tours of her Davis garden.  Luckily for us, a couple of photographers captured her garden digitally so we may now enjoy a virtual tour, actually two tours—a day tour thru seasons and a night tour.

Hi, this is Patricia Carpenter.   I live west of Davis and am so lucky to have two acres to play in.  One acre is a mixed garden  with our house taking up some of the land and the other is an acre of California natives.

This year, due to a lucky introduction by a friend, we met Beth Savidge, an amazing photographer!    She asked to photograph the garden and started her adventure (and ours) in early January with winter fungi.

Here are our native and non-native gardens through the seasons – so far winter, spring, and the start of the hot  summer!  

Every so often I look out to find Beth about, camera and tools in hand.   That is when I refresh the file a day or three later to find her latest photos.   She is always interested if she has stumped me with one of her macro shots.   YES, often!   I am definitely looking at the garden with different eyes!

Beth is quite an artist – enjoy!  She likes to play and sends me the best ones.

If interested,  you can find the photo date (see info icon)  and our notes/comments  (lower right bubble).     I  can’t always keep up with Beth, so my notes seem to be a bit behind her photo updates.  To keep seeing photos during the year, just refresh file to see the most recent photos Beth has added.    Or open the link above again.

So, an afternoon orientation tour was arranged with, of course, social distancing and my 6 ft stick in hand to keep people away.    It is easy to get distracted with lots to see and chatting and I have found the stick the best for keeping our required distance – and it doubles as a great pointer. 

Stay well and be kind. 
July 16,  2020


2019 August 17-18  Santa Cruz Garden Explorations 
Members and friends escaped the valley heat for the cool temperatures and visual treats found at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum and Farm, Succulent Gardens in Castroville, and the Sierra Azul Nursery in Watsonville.  

Orange VW bug filled with succulents

Gives new meaning to going green.

UC Santa Cruz Arboretum plant

Will this grow in Sacramento?

Plant at UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

Looks like a sea creature!

2018  June 28     Annual Salad Potluck
The Power of Plants on the Plate presented by Anne Evans

Anne Evans inspires healthy eating!

Silent auction for apron in step with the menu.

Waiting for those salads…

Plant-based cookies–healthy and delicious!                      Link to cookie recipes…


  2018  April 28   Ruth Bancroft Garden Tour
           …  plus Rosie the Riveter and Annie’s Annuals too!


  2018 April 14    Open Day Old City Cemetery Rose Garden


2017 October  21 Cornerstone Tour  
2017 Fall Plant Sale   
2017 Spring Pot Luck  
2017 Spring Garden Tour