It’s A Wanderful Wand!

You know, it’s not easy coming up with a new tool to write about, but I am really excited about this one.  As soon as I saw LaVille use it, I just knew there must be at least two other gardeners out there who would appreciate this one.  If you are like my wife, she uses a watering wand almost daily.  You see, she has probably around 100 potted plants that are under cover outside that don’t get the benefit of rain showers.  So even in the winter, a watering wand is used regularly.  The last wand was good—until it wasn’t.  A crack appeared in the side of the aluminum shaft that caused LaVille to get sprayed along with the plants.  I found that applying J-B Weld epoxy to the area, and wrapping with electrician’s tape sealed the leak.  LaVille was still unhappy because . . . well, the wand was too long, the control valve was sticking, and the spray was irregular. 

So I went to Amazon and ordered what you see below.  This, in her opinion, is the perfect watering wand. Adjustable sprays, adjustable head direction, full and fine spray, and a short handle which can still reach higher up hanging plants and water a potted plant held in the other hand.  (The full spray is emitted from around 200 minute holes!)

If you cannot read the description from the photo, I am talking about “H2O heavy duty 21 inch Watering Wand” from Amazon.

Happy watering,

Stan, The Tool Man