In Search of Moderation

Here, unfortunately, is an example of “Do as I say, and not as I have done”.  Moderation is a goal to which most of us aspire—whether it is diet, sun exposure, exercise routines, or mountain climbing.  Gardening should especially fall into this category.  For instance, I was barking in the front yard today.  (“Barking” is the technical term for applying bark to your landscape.)  It was 90 degrees out.  It wasn’t too long before I was tired.  So rather than pushing it, I went into the house and relaxed on my recliner.  And, of course, fell asleep.  I was proud of myself because I quit before I became exhausted, which has been the usual outcome of my gardening activities.  (For your information the way you determine whether you are just tired, or truly exhausted is by the length of your tongue hanging out of your mouth.)  This pause was just the first of many that occurred through the day.  The motivation to overdo activities is to finish the job, and it is a very difficult goal to resist.  But I implore you to consider your physical well being over your mental wellbeing (be it as it may).  Give your body a break and take a break.  The weeds will be willing to wait until you return.  Besides, they will be easier to find.  The mess of leaves will remain—perhaps not in the same location—but they will be somewhere.  Water those potted plants and put them into the ground tomorrow.  I think you get the idea.  Be sensible in your gardening activities—save some of the fun until tomorrow . . or next week.

Stan, The Rested Man