Gardener’s Pride

I recently drove to the Shepard to leave a set-up map of Iris Society rhizome sale for Lisa.  (By the way, she is a wonderful person to work with.  We are lucky to have her.)  As I walked around the building to the mail slot in the front, I noticed how great a club-planted area appeared.  The landscape display created by the Sacramento Cactus and Succulent Society is absolutely outstanding.  They have set a really high bar.  The garden out front that the Perennial Plant Club maintains is impressive too.  But . . . the garden created by the Iris Club looked terrible.  Magnolia leaves covered the ground, weeds were growing, and the irises needed cleaning up.  You know, the money spent by the Shepard making the club signs was well worth it as there was no denying who was responsible for the mess.  Whether you call it pride or peer pressure, I was embarrassed.  So, several days later we gathered a work crew and cleaned up our assigned area and planted more irises.  Then we spread a yard of mini bark to spruce things up.  Hopefully our garden will still look good so you can appreciate it the next time you visit the Center.

Stan, The No Longer Embarrassed Man

Succulent Society Garden
Succulent Society Garden

Iris Society Garden
Iris Society spruced up garden