Garden Stakes

Although not really a tool, plastic coated steel garden stakes certainly can qualify as a helpful item for successful gardening.  The reason I am mentioning it now, is that I have recently been made aware of a deal that I would like to pass on to you.  Most gardeners have a stash of stakes of various lengths.  In fact many of the estate sales I’ve attended will have stakes if there was any history of gardening at the property—that along with a collection of fertilizers, chemical treatments and most importantly—gardening tools. But who currently wants to go an estate sale where you are often crowded in a house with strangers?  I haven’t been to a garage sale for a year—sob, sob.  Anyway, if you find your supply of garden stakes lacking, here is a source that will satisfy your needs for good quality garden stakes at a reasonable price.  You can order these on line from Home Depot with free home delivery. Note that you can order lengths from 4 feet to 7 feet.

Happy staking!

Stan, The Tool(?) Man