For You Losers

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why, of all the tools I own, do I most often lose the one tool that I value the most?”  The answer, of course, is the reason that tool is most valued is because you use it the most.  That point was brought to bare a couple days ago at the WPA Rock Garden.  It was past noon and we were planning to leave when Marcia couldn’t find her Hori Hori knife.  She found it several minutes after searching.  It was laying on a wall in the shade and the dark blue handle did little to make it visible. 

My suggestion to you is that you buy a can of yellow spray paint and apply it to that tool of yours that you are always losing.  Now, granted, this application will not make its appearance more esthetic, but it will make it more easy to spot in that unexpected location where you chose to leave it.  Case in point:  the scissors pictured below are uglier than sin, but since I sprayed them with yellow paint, I haven’t lost it once.  Then too, you never have to worry about someone stealing your tool when it looks like crap.  I’m just sayin’.

Stan, The Loser Man

P.S.  I would not suggest this technique for your gloves.

P.P.S.  We went to Annie’s yesterday, and guess what LaVille bought? . . . a pair of yellow gloves.

P.P.P.S.  Has anyone seen my phone?