Big Pot Problem


Many of you have really large flowerpots.  If your pots are narrower at the opening, you have a problem when it comes to removing the plant.  If you want to save the plant, extracting it from its vessel can be difficult.  One solution it to break the pot—not the ideal option.  Now if you don’t care for the plant, the chore of removing it and the soil can still be difficult.  I have written you before about using a soil auger, and that will work.

Another option you might consider is planting your valued plant in an inexpensive plastic pot—one that is tapered for easy plant removal.  The plastic pot can be raised to the desired height with wood blocks, bricks, or rocks placed beneath it.  This also creates room for water run off if your large pot has no drainage holes. You can see in the photo I have drilled two holes in the rim of the plastic pot and inserted wire to make handles that will allow me to lift the pot out.

There are so many beautiful large planters out there at nurseries.  I can see how you would be tempted to buy one that narrows at the top.  Please consider using a second pot inside—call it pot insurance.

Stan, The Pot Man