Pivoting Wheelbarrow Handles

Here is an innovation designed for the gardener who moves so much material that a wheelbarrow is required.  You (the heavy duty gardener} have undoubtedly been faced with the awkward task of dumping your load (so to speak).  You reach the desired dump location, raise the handles, but nothing spills out.  You have to raise the handles to a vertical position, but your hands are on top of the handles when you lift.  You have two choices–either lift with such force that the wheelbarrow flips forward, or allow the handle ends to pivot in the palms of your hands so that you are gripping the handles from beneath.  The first method is sometimes exciting when the wheelbarrow either drags you over on top of it, or it flips back at you.  The second method is scary because it can result in slivers in the palms of your hands if the wheelbarrow has been out in the weather for the last seventy years.  (My wheelbarrow was old when my dad gave it to me.)

The solution to the problem, my hard working friend, is Pivoting Wheelbarrow Handles.  These are handles that fit over the ends of your wheelbarrow handles.   Since they pivot, you have control when lifting from above and as well as shoving from beneath when the handles move through a vertical position.  You cannot believe the difference it makes in controlling your wheelbarrow through the entire dumping process.

“But I don’t own a wheelbarrow.” you say.  Well, if you have grandkids or pets, imagine the fun you will have wheeling them around the yard and even the neighborhood.  And then when you get tired, it is so easy to dump them in an appropriate spot like the swimming pool.  I’m not going to suggest a particular wheelbarrow.  I think you need to select it on the basis of the occupants.

I will, however, help you with the purchase of your pivoting wheelbarrow handles.  Simply Dump it Wheelbarrow Handles SDI1001 can be purchased from Amazon for $18.  Is that simple, or what?

Happy dumping!
Stan, The Tool Man

P.S. Actually, since I wrote about these handles years ago, they have come out with wheelbarrows with looped handles that deal with this dumping dilemma.  So if you are going to buy a new wheelbarrow, this would be a good option.                                                                          

Wheel barrow handles