2 x 5 Trowel


            I hope you are not limited to thinking that only garden tools can be used in the garden.  This 2 x 5 inch rectangular hand trowel that is generally used for working with mortar, thin set, and other pasty construction substances is a must for your garden tool collection.  This inexpensive tool has many uses in the potting shed and garden.  Having straight edges makes it useful for any scraping chore—for instance cleaning emptied terracotta pots, clearing a work surface, or removing unwanted accumulations from the bottom of your garden clogs.  Black widow spiders and their nests are easily squished.  In the garden this trowel can be used as a weeder.  It will scrape the soil harboring small weeds that are right next to a threatened plant.  It easily slips under a drip line or soaker hose.  It slices easily through soil since its blade is so thin.  Flat spreading weeds such as spurge and invasive baby tears can be lifted up with a small amount of soil while minute seeds are removed at the same time.  Sharpening the edges of this tool makes it even more effective and I can do this for you.   Sandpaper quickly removes excess rust for those of you who prefer to store tools scattered around the garden. 

            For less than $10 you can buy a 2”x 5” Margin Trowel for yourself and one for all of your family members and friends.  They are available in both Home Depot and Lowes, and of course, Amazon.

Thinking outside the box,

Stan, The Tool Man